Contemporary Styling and How to Do It

Contemporary Styling and How to Do It

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After we talked through our favourite things about elegance and vintage decor, it was really hard not to veer right on over to contemporary styling in design. When you think of all things vintage, you tend to think of elegance and prettiness, but that doesn’t mean that contemporary decor can’t be stylish too!

It’s easy to think of contemporary styling as being dynamic and ultra modern, but it doesn’t have to be. Contemporary design is current, but it can still take on many tastes. Whether that’s the feminine softer touch and styles, just like our cover image, or something a lot more minimalistic with clean lines. Either way, it can still take on an elegant and homely feel.

When it comes to styling with contemporary pieces, the key is to be optimistic. Just like when you’re decorating with vintage, pieces should have a purpose and work in the space. Accessories can definitely have a dynamic feel to them (take this lighting for example), but they can still complement a cosy, contemporary space. Perhaps, in this example, an edgy sofa would give a very modern look, but the use of texture and comfort has really counterbalanced that effect. 

Again, when we’re looking at the use of texture in contemporary styling, it can be really styled to tone down the strength of modern pieces. 

Image: Pinterest

Just looking at the way these throws have been used to add warmth to the dining area, along with the daintiness of the lighting, the combination has created something contemporary yet cosy. A combination that is possible with styling.

But it doesn’t have to be texture alone that create the right look with contemporary styling, the design itself can really take on a new edge. By playing with colours, different effects can be achieved. We love the way that this apartment in Milan has used the softness of pink to add warmth and comfort to the otherwise cold room. The clean lines and modern energy has been transformed to have a much more homely feel - something you may not expect in such a design. 

And it really is that simple. By taking the contract in objects and playing with texture or utilising colour schemes, you can create a comforting interior space with contemporary styling. It doesn’t always have to be dynamic. 

Cover Image: Pinterest

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