How to Style Lighting in Interior Design

How to Style Lighting in Interior Design

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When it comes to really adding character to your interior space, what do you initial work with? Yes the main decor scheme and furniture will be a huge factor in making the space right for you, but have you ever thought about the power of lighting?

If you’ve ever wanted to experiment a little more with lighting or add in some really great lighting features, then we have the inspiration for you. Lighting doesn’t have to be boring and it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. Lighting can be used to create the mood, illuminate the space and even add another level to the entire design concept. 

But we bet you’re wondering, where do I start? There are a few approaches that you can take to lighting design, just as you would the rest of your decor. But it really does depend on what is right for you. If you’re keen to start the design process with lighting, then you’ll pretty much have free rein to set the scheme with whatever takes your fancy.

Sometimes it isn’t as easy and free as this. Perhaps you might be looking for the right lighting feature to go with your existing interior space, or the right style to set off an almost finished look? A situation like this can take a little more work. 

Regardless of the approach you take, there are always a few things to consider. We know that you’re already a little stuck on how to achieve that perfect look you’ve envisioned, so remember to follow these three simple steps…

1. Style

Is your interior space very vintage? Perhaps you’ve got an ultra-cool modern pad? Or maybe you’ve got a unique take on design, using your own colours, textures and personality? When it comes to adding in lighting, you’ll want to consider styles that will complement your decor. 

Will harsh lighting, modern metal designs or hidden lighting features set off the style or just look odd? If create and quirky is what you’re looking for, maybe check Pinterest for the right idea, before you purchase. 

When you get it right, the style of the design will really make the space what it is, emphasis the decor and create the right mood.

2. Size

Now this might seem like a silly point to point out, but if you’ve fallen madly in love with a feature you’ve seen on display and then realise it’s far to big for the room or way to tiny to be noticed when you get it into the space, you’ll be glad we did. Always start with the space. When you look at the room, what do you envision? Taking some measurements before you shop will always help you to scale when you’re on the hunt and will make sure you avoid any nasty mistakes.

Size can be just as important as the actual style. It will also help to guide you when deciding on whether you want the lighting to be an accentuated feature or hidden in the decor. 

3. Structure

You’ve chosen the style and you’re set on size, but now you need to choose exactly what you want for your lighting. Just to set you on track, you could use a wall feature to illuminate decor or make the lighting your central focus. But you can always go with something a little more understated to see off your style or tie in with the colour scheme

The way that you structure the lighting in your design and the way it looks really will change the style and shape of the room, which is something quite beautiful in itself.

So now that you’ve got some food for thought, we hope you’ve found a few hints and tips when it comes to your lighting and what you can really achieve. Happy shopping and styling!

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