Finding Elegance in Vintage Furniture and Decor

Finding Elegance in Vintage Furniture and Decor

Posted By: Gary Published: 09/11/2015 Times Read: 662

There can be nothing as exciting as furniture. Well, for us anyway and we’re sure you’ll be feeling the same if you’re a lover of decor or currently going through a renovation. When the tough stuff is over, we all know the relief that comes when you get to pick the pretty things to decorate your space with. 

Not all furniture can be fun and not all of it can be pretty, but that just depends on your taste. What it can be, however, is elegant. Regardless of what it is that you’re on the hunt for, elegance can be found in a number of ways - particularly when it comes to vintage furniture and decor. 

Vintage furniture has an air of romance about it. Not only do pieces have so much character, regardless of their period, but they add a level of sophistication that even some of the most stunningly beautiful contemporary crafts just can’t. 

Take our cover image for instance, it may be a grand piece, but it would definitely bring a whole new level of elegance to any space. But we also love how this piece has made such a modern setting feel romantic and vintage, just by adding in a few elegant accessories. 

When it comes to accessories, they can also be the key to elegant decor. Not only do we think our Prism9 lighting is full of character, but it would add instant glamour to most spaces - even those with a more contemporary feel to them, as in our last linked Pin. 

But it definitely doesn’t have to be down to accessories. Wooden features can also have a strong effect when it comes to elegant furniture. We’ve been so inspired by this desk and this credenza and we think you will too. Isn’t there just something about distressed and restored wood work that feels so elegant?

We’d love to know what elegant pieces of furniture you’ve been captivated by or decor inspirations you just love. Leave us a comment below to share!

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