Ways to Make the Most Out of a Feature Wall

Ways to Make the Most Out of a Feature Wall

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Have you always wanted a feature wall and have no idea where to start? You’re not alone, not only have we sometimes had to wonder just what direction we’d be taking with feature wall installations, but so do many others. With so much choice, it’s hard not too.

The beauty of the feature wall means it’s so easy to play around with options to achieve the perfect look. Whether it’s something arty and meaningful or creative and cool that you’re looking for, we want to help you along the way.

Perhaps we we’re inspired by this little feature we love on Pinterest, or by our latest buying ventures, but either way, we know it’s a hot to talk about topic. And whilst we’re on the topic, Pinterest is sometimes a really great place to start (so make sure you’re following us here for more inspiration. 

What first struck us about this fantastic bunch of ideas on wall art and picture hanging in particular, was the ease of how it’s done - closely followed by why the tutorial would have been there in the first place, the need for inspiration of course. 

So, over our time spent trawling through Pinterest (oh, how many hours we could spend doing that), we’ll pulled together some of our favourite ways to make the most out of your walls and create a great feature space. 

If you’re not in love with the range of frame ideas in that first pin, then fear not - here are a whole lot more. Starting with the ultra modern space you’ll spot in our feature image. Yes this may be using frames and art work, just like the latter, but wouldn’t you agree it just takes on a whole different effect? Whether it’s the colour scheme or the placement of the frames itself, it just works. 

Following on with the contemporary theme, we couldn’t help but include this ultra-inspiring headboard for a bedroom space. It may not be a classic way to make a feature out of a wall, but it adds a focal point to an otherwise plain room. 

Moving onto some of our favourite vintage finds, we hope you’ll agree that this floral wall decor is not only a fun way to create a feature wall, but really adds character to the vintage furniture too. It’s definitely one of the more romantic ideas.

But for another take on frames that adds colour to white space, accentuates character and fits with the theme perfectly, these gold options are perfect. With such a beautiful edge, they’re enough to spark inspiration in the vintage-lover side of you.

So now that we’ve spilled our secrets, where are you planning to start? Don’t forget that you can also play with textures and add light or mirrors to the wall for an even more spectacular effect. 

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