Are You Vintage or Contemporary and Does it Really Matter?

Are You Vintage or Contemporary and Does it Really Matter?

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Ah, the great debate. As much as you may feel as if you’re firmly a fan of one or the other, we’re going to try and break the mould. Whether you’re a lover of all things vintage and retro pieces or prefer to stay contemporary and ultra modern, neither choice is wrong, but staying strict doesn’t have to be right either.

When we think of vintage, it’s difficult not to conjure up beautiful images of solid wood furniture, incredible quality and a certain air of romance. With the addition of restoration, this could even mean pastel colour palettes and pretty accessories to set them off. But in the traditional sense, it’s the quality that we think of and perhaps what makes vintage furniture so popular, along with the added character. 

With contemporary, it’s quite the opposite. If you’re a modern man or women, clean lines, minimalism and design is your thing and a strict colour palette often comes with it. Not only do we always tend to think of space and tranquility with contemporary furniture, but the quality design is there too.

But does this mean that contemporary furniture can’t have character and vintage furniture has a cluttered or unruly feel to it? Of course not, meaning that the two can blend well. If you’ve found that you’re sticking to a pure retro theme, then why not break it up a little. You’d be surprised by what the addition of a contemporary lamp or even a modern drinks cabinet can do. 

Likewise, if your contemporary design is very fluid, the addition of a vintage accessory might just be the trick you missed. Adding retro style chairs or even lighting could be just what you needed to add the right edge to your space.

Just because your style has a theme, doesn’t mean it should strictly stick to it - and that’s what we love most about furniture and design. In fact, it’s what we represent. Publiki embraces the beauty of both vintage and contemporary designs with the unified love of all things quality, quirky and irresistible. 

We’d love to know what you think on the matter? Will you always fall head over heels for your vintage or contemporary finds or are you open to looking at new ideas? Let us know what you think  in the comments section and if we can help you on your hunt!

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