Why There’s No Need to be Colour Palette Precious

Why There’s No Need to be Colour Palette Precious

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So you’ve started to think about decor and you’re really wanting to make sure your choices not only suit the space and your own personal tastes too. Whether it’s starting from scratch and with a completely blank canvas or a bit of a redecorating and renovation job, colour can often be the very first starting point.

Many people go with their gut instinct and decorate as they go, changing palettes as they see fit and feeling inspired in the moment. But home decor doesn’t always take on this effect. Sometimes, we can get a little colour precious. 

And that’s okay. It happens. 

When it comes to decor, colour palettes can take precedence and control the process - without really meaning too. From trends and inspirations that take over, to personal preference that have no room for movement, sometimes a colour palette can feel rigid. But it doesn’t have to be.

Do we really have to follow trends? Must everything follow a scheme? It white space really all that great? Colour can definitely come up in trends, but isn’t it better to feel a much more creative or personal connection to the scheme you choose, over what others say is right? 

Here is when colour gets personal, the pressure lifts and the design begins to flow again.

If you’ve been struggling with colour choices, flitting between favourites and constantly reorganising a Pinterest board that can’t decide what it represents, then fear no more! If you like the blue (how gorgeous is that blue, by the way), then go with the blue. If you want to change the themes from room to room, then stick to it. Only you can know what is right for you. 

Sometimes, media can be taken as a must-follow rather than an inspirational source, which is what we want to break. Not only do we want you to feel inspired by what we bring you, but we also want you to feel in control of your design space. And be proud of it for that matter. Because that it what it’s all about and it’s definitely no different when it comes to colour.

Stripping it back, remember that colour is meaningful. You can really play with the effects of your colour palette to achieve just the look and feel that you were hoping for. Whether you’re keen to create just the right mood, set a scene or encourage the perfect atmosphere, you can find colourful inspiration to make that happen. 

Just take a peak at what Jessica Colaluca from Design Seeds is doing through Instagram - it seem like just the right level of inspiration to feel at home with colour and the kinds of palettes you can go with. 

The next time you feel too attached to your white space to add in your favourite new buy, remember, the colour palette that works for you is right - not those that you feel distantly precious about. 

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