Statement Pieces and How to Style Them

Statement Pieces and How to Style Them

Posted By: Gary Published: 18/10/2015 Times Read: 612

There’s just something about statement pieces to get excited about, wouldn’t you agree? Whether you fall head over heels for them and know exactly where they’ll slot into your decor or wonder if they’re a wasted purchase, you have to admit - they really are something.

If you’re on the hunt for something a little different or to make the focal point of a room, it can be easy to search, find and place pieces around the home or office space. But it doesn’t always work out this way. Sometimes, as with instant great loves, we just have no idea to what to with them - we weren’t ready and feel completely caught off guard. 

Just like that, they’re often found when least expected and that can really put a spanner in the works. 

So you’ve found this great piece of art, sculpture or even a really abstract coffee table and now what? It may seem quite daunting at first and an extremely sore subject after you’ve tried it in just about every room, but the key is to strip everything back and start with the feeling. 

When you first felt that statement piece love at first site effect, what were you feeling? Why did you fall so deeply for it and perhaps more important, what is it about that key piece that you love the most? Looking at statement design and furniture this way can really help you plan in an effortless and simple way. 

Once you know why you just had to have it, you can work on the room. Was it the style, the colours, the texture? Is it so bright and colourful that it will work perfectly with monochrome or in a minimal room? Perhaps you’ll want to adjust the colour palette to match the piece or move accessories around from room to room until you’ve got the combination just right? 

The key with statement pieces is not to push it into what you already have and panic when it doesn’t work. Really looking at the statement piece or what it’s saying is the key. Then, work around it. By stepping back and taking your time, you may just find it works just the way it is - without a lot of fuss.

And that is the beauty of a statement piece - it is just itself!

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